Voter Participation

Pollers tell News 25 less than 30 percent of the community voted in the primaries. They say the younger generation has little involvement within the elections.
With the dwindling number of voter participation among 20 to 30-year-olds, many residents say they are losing their opportunity to make a difference and are not exercising their constitutional right.
Some organizations believe the best way to get young adults to vote is through education. Harrison County Deputy Circuit Clerk Connie Ladner said, “In January, we plan to start going, as we have in the past, to the schools to speak to the students and give them reasons and tell them the importance and tell them what positions affect their lives daily, their taxes, their homestead exemption, the legislative races, everything.”
Pollers are hoping to see a larger turnout, especially with young adults, during today’s general election.

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