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Gulf Coast Community Ministries has been providing the basic needs for people in our local community for nearly two decades and the need has increased along with the COVID threat in our area.

In every adversity, you can find a silver lining, a biblical and life principal that Executive Director Michael Wilson and others here at the Gulf Coast Community Ministries live by.

This Gulfport-based non-profit was built on faith nearly 20 years ago and has been lending a helping hand to our local community ever since. “We provide a number of outreach opportunities. We have free medical clinic where we provide medical assistance, diagnosis, assistance for anyone who is uninsured. We have a food pantry for anyone in our area who has food needs. We have a clothing closet for our homeless population. We have a literacy program for anyone who may need those services. We have a literacy program.”

The need to restock these shelves and provide other essential services has increased greatly, especially now in the wake of COVID-19 but you can lend a helping hand. “Initially, when the quarantine first began, and the social distancing protocols first began, we saw a huge uptick. Those kind of waned up a little bit when the stimulus checks came out, but they’ve picked right back up and our services are being requested just as much as ever.”

Gulf Coast Community Ministries is among only 20 contenders for a $20,000 grand prize offered by Horne LLP, one of the top CPA and business advisory firms in our nation in an online competition. The prize money would go a long way here. “It would. Last year, we ran the numbers, and when you figure the amount of money we spent on our food pantry versus the number of meals we gave out, we’re able to produce a meal for about 40-cents, so you can run those numbers on $20,000 and see how many meals we’d be able to provide for the Gulf Coast.”

Voting is now underway and ends August 30th. To vote just head on over to Gulf Coast Community Ministries Facebook page or visit or go to Horne LLP’s website at

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