Volunteers Participate in ‘Giving Tuesday’ to Help the Needy

Everyone knows about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the two days that officially kick off the shopping season, but more and more people are also participating in another day.

It’s called Giving Tuesday. Volunteers across the country are chipping in to help the less fortunate. Twenty seven year old, Bertrice Johnson, has always dreamed of owning a home for her and her son. She says she’d rather put money towards a mortgage instead of rent. Johnson says, “Putting money towards your own instead of into someone else’s pockets.”

Johnson’s family gave her land to build her dream home, but she lacked the knowledge and the resources to make it a reality. So Tuesday, volunteers from Habitat for Humanity and the Beau Rivage chipped in to get the project off the ground. David Stinson, General Manager of Fallen Oaks Golf Course, says, “Today, we’re finishing up on the work we started yesterday with finishing the siding on the house.”

Fallen Oaks Golf Course which is owned by the Beau Rivage, and for Stinson, building a house isn’t exactly a typical day at the office. Stinson also says, “Probably be wearing slacks and a golf shirt.”

Projects like this happen year round, but during the busy Christmas season, organizations like Habitat for Humanity want people to focus on more than just buying gifts. The idea is to encourage people to take action in their local communities and to give back in better and smarter ways. The volunteers who put in the work, receive something special in return. Stinson also says, “Just for good camaraderie, and everyone is working for a worthwhile cause out here.”

For Johnson, it’s an important first step in her being home for the holidays. Johnson closes, “I’m very, very happy and thankful that they’re out here helping me ‘cause it shows their appreciation. I never would have thought people would have came out here to help me like this”

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