Volunteers needed for wreath pick-up

Nearly 22,000 graves at the Biloxi National Cemetery are still decorated with wreaths after this year’s wreath-laying ceremony honoring our fallen veterans.

Now those wreaths need to be picked up. Crusaders for Veterans and other event organizers are asking for volunteers to come out this weekend and help officially complete the year’s ceremony.

Nikki Ross with the Crusaders says it’s all about supporting our lost veterans and their families. “We are in more of a dire need for picking them up. Laying them out, it takes maybe an hour and a half to two hours because we have so many people volunteer on that day. It usually takes about four hours to pick them up because we don’t have that many volunteers. It’s giving back to my brothers and sisters. Its veterans taking care of veterans.”

If you’d like to volunteer and help store the wreaths for next year head to the Biloxi National Cemetery this Saturday, January 4th at 8 a.m.

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