Volunteer group from Missouri lends helping hand on the Coast

A group of high school students from Missouri and Back Bay Mission in Biloxi have teamed up to give back to those in need here on the Gulf Coast. News 25’s Kristen Anzuini tells us how these students are changing the lives of one local senior citizen.

Willie Hutson has lived in Gulfport his whole life. And at 78 years old Willie is now taking care of his adopted children.

“I have three kids, they were my grandkids but we ended up adopting them,” says Hutson.

A few years back, Willie suffered a stroke that left him unable to fully maintain his home… That’s where Back Bay Mission and Share Kindness St. Louis stepped in to help. Share Kindness came all the way from Missouri to give back, and brought with them a group of high school girls.

“You can see what they are doing, and I could not have made it without them, the volunteers are just outstanding,” says Hutson.

On a rainy day like this one, willies roof would experience a lot of leakage but now thanks to a full roof repair, he and his family can stay dry and safe.

Matt Cole with Back Bay Mission says, “We wanted to make sure that the future for Mr. Willie’s grandkids is safe and secure.

The volunteers went above and beyond just fixing willies roof; they have completely re-done the house which includes new flooring and a fresh paint job.

Missouri student, Anya Wappler says, “Sometimes I feel like we live in a little bubble and we do not realize that there are people out there who need help and they are less fortunate and there is always something worse that someone else is going through.”

The group from Missouri will be on the Coast until the end of this week. In Gulfport, Kristen Anzuini, News 25

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