Visitors from Minnesota stop by Mardi Gras Museum in Biloxi

Mardi Gras is like a second Christmas most Coasties look forward to, however, some may not be fortunate enough to live close to cities that celebrate Mardi Gras.

This was Holly and Norry Waalen’s first time visiting the Coast from Minnesota. The couple thought it would be the perfect break from the cold weather they are used to.

While visiting Biloxi, the Waalen’s thought Coastal Mississippi Mardi Gras Museum would be something fun to experience.

Little did they know they would be introduced to a whole new world. They were overwhelmed with how much history and artifacts the museum held.

After a tour, the Waalen’s watched a video about Mardi Gras on the Coast. “Interesting. Lots of unique things we don’t see home. It looks like a great big party during the winter when there’s nothing else going on.” “I’d like to come.”

The museum opened in the 1980s in the Magnolia Hotel, but relocated to Howard Avenue in 2019. The museum is known for holding everything from costumes and jewelry that was used from different organizations to masks, beads, and other Mardi Gras supplies from the past. Mardi Gras Museum Executive Director Anna Harris said, “It’s a lot of sparkles. It’s a lot of fun and people, especially out of town, don’t realize all that goes into Mardi Gras. They see the parades on TV and partying, but they don’t know all the culture, the costumes, or the balls.”

If the museum wasn’t enough to get you in the Mardi Gras mood, you’re allowed to play dress up. “It would take some getting used to for us. We’re not use to this sort of flamboyance.” “It soars beyond what I even expected. So, it’s a good experience and enlightenment.”

The Waalen’s are already planning a trip back to experience Mardi Gras on the Coast next month.

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