Vieux Marche Street Fair in the Works

A local man says his dream is to “truly bring back old downtown Biloxi.”
Aiming to help pursue that dream, a new downtown street fair is in the works for the Vieux Marche in Biloxi. Later this month, the historic area on Howard Avenue will come alive with arts, crafts, live music and food.
At night there will be an open cast party for “Shrek: The Musical” which will be playing at the Biloxi Saenger Theatre the same weekend of the fair.
Promoter Jourdan Hartshorn has been working with the musical’s producers, night club owners and restaurants to bring the fair to life. “Saenger Theatre is right there. That’s an icon. I want more people to start coming to these shows and start opening shops there. That’s my dream to make it one big festival, nothing but shops open. Bring downtown Biloxi back to downtown Biloxi.”
The Vieux Marche Street Fair is scheduled for July 30th starting at noon. Festivities will take place in the heart of downtown between Reynoir Street and Lameuse Street.

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