Vietnam Veterans Remembrance Ceremony

Americans should do today what America should have done 50 years ago: welcome Vietnam veterans home with open arms and honor them. That was the message today as Crusaders for Veterans held a Vietnam War remembrance ceremony at the Biloxi National Cemetery.
Dozens gathered today to honor what some say are the forgotten American war veterans. Over 58,000 soldiers died during the Vietnam War. Five thousand men and woman who fought in that war are buried in the Biloxi National Cemetery.
Pamela Broom attended today in honor of her husband, who passed away last year.She tells News 25 it’s her job to make sure no one forgets what he and others fought for. “They fought for our freedom and I think it was past overdue that they were honored. Whatever I can do to honor the Vietnam veterans that’s why i’m here, for all of the ones that are gone and lost their lives for us.
Sebastian Pellerito is with the Mississippi Combat Vets Motorcyclist Association. He said, “So as long as each one of is still alive and we’re above ground, we’re gonna be here. America is still gonna know who we are.”

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