Vietnam Remembrance Ceremony

For the past six years, the Crusaders for Veterans have supported and honored our nation’s military in the state of Mississippi. With today being National Vietnam Veteran’s Day, the Crusaders helped host an event honoring those who served.

The Biloxi National Cemetery is the resting place of only a portion of the 58,000 U.S. soldiers killed in the Vietnam war. Wanting to honor those veterans who served in the Vietnam War, Kevin Cuttill and the Crusaders for Veterans helped host a Vietnam Remembrance Ceremony. “You know for a civilian you need to understand what a Vietnam veteran went through, going through, that was our first guerrilla warfare. You know, it was a whole new war, a maritime kind of time that everyone was like ‘oh this is a different role, we need to change this up, change that up.’ So, our guys were, you know chemicals were used back and forth.”

Biloxi City Councilwoman Dixie Newman attended the event, wanting to honor everything that our veterans have done for us. While there, she learned even more about what some members of the military go through. “I was just reading someone’s button and it says ‘stop veteran suicide, 22 per day’ and I had no idea. So, I was just thinking to myself that we need to reach out to veterans, show our respects, and show that we care, our appreciation.”

“Everybody serving today is benefiting from what the Vietnam veterans suffered through. So, to come out and show your respects for those who gave their all, that should be on everyone’s to do list.”

For Vietnam Veteran Quinn Holbrook, it’s not just about remembrance, but also to drive attention to the fact that America still has plenty of military who are prisoners of war. “We still have some POW/MIA that are in Southeast Asia, Korea, some from World War II and we just want to let them know that we are trying to get them back. Our government really puts forth all the effort they can.”

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