Vice President Mike Pence speaks in Biloxi

Vice President Mike Pence was in Biloxi today doing his part to encourage locals to get out to vote for Republican Gubernatorial candidate Tate Reeves.

As the Mississippi gubernatorial election inches closer, Republican candidate Tate Reeves brought in some big help to the Coast as he tries to gain separation over Democratic candidate Jim Hood.

At a rally for Reeves at the Coast Convention Center, Vice President Mike Pence touted Reeves’ conservative credentials as Mississippi values. “Tate Reeves is Mississippi. He’s a strong conservative. He lives what he believes. He’s all about faith and family and freedom.”

Turnout is a key factor that both Pence and Reeves drove home to the crowd, encouraging supporters to spread the word about the election to others. “The polls open at 7 a.m. They close at 7 p.m. You’ve got all day. Remember, friends don’t let friends vote alone, bring a friend, bring a family member,” said Pence.

Reeves said, “It’s about how many people can we get that are like minded conservatives like you and me, how many can we get to the polls?”

As for his opponent, Jim Hood, Reeves compared him to Democratic leaders in Washington opposed to President Trump. “He and the national Liberals are not only disrespecting our president, they are disrespecting us.”

Pence stressed to voters a vote for Reeves gives the White House another ally in the state of Mississippi as the Trump Administration continues their agenda. “Jobs are back. Confidence is back. In a word, America is back, but we’re just getting started Mississippi. That’s why we need Tate Reeves to be the next governor of the state of Mississippi.”

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