Vibrio Expert Speaks in Bay St. Louis

Tonight in Bay St. Louis concerned residents had a chance to sit down with one of the most knowledgeable vibrio experts in the nation.
Dr. Jay Grimes has been studying vibrio bacteria since 1981. He might know more about each of the different types of vibrio than anyone else in the nation.
Grimes’ lecture highlighted the most common types of vibrio, including vibrio vulnificus, “the flesh eating bacteria” that has seen an increase in awareness as infections have risen in recent years.
While many avoid the Coast’s waters after periods of rainfall because of vibrio, Grimes says fresh water actually disperses vibrio which requires salinity to thrive. “You can determine after a certain amount of rainfall that the numbers are drastically reduced. I think that the people who did that worked on the Bonnet Carre release actually worked with an algorithm to show you at what point the vibrio disappeared. Parahaemolyticus and vulnificus disappear, the cholera is still there,” said Dr. Grimes.
Grimes ensured the crowd that while vibrio can enter the body through wounds, the majority of vibrio cases are a result of shellfish consumption.

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