Vets for Vets annual Golf Tournament

The third annual Vets for Vets Golf Tournament to raise money for the Special Operations Warriors Foundation was this Saturday in Gulfport.

This event helps raise money for the children of every fallen special operator. They grant the children with full ride scholarships to whichever school they get accepted to.

The director of Vets for Vets Taco Sanchez honors special ops by remembering them and ensuring their children get a college education. “We educate the children of every special operator that we’ve ever lost. We’ve graduated almost 490 and we’ve got 800 and something in the hopper. When we say education, we are talking about a full ride. We are standing on number 18, the honor hole. It’s very, very personal to me because it is honoring those that we’ve lost and family members that have since passed on that served in wars. It’s about honoring them. That’s what this hole is all about. That’s why you see the service flag, the American flag. It’s pretty awesome.”

They will continue to host Vets for Vets each year in support of the fallen special ops children.

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