Veterans with PTSD and fireworks

While many across South Mississippi are preparing for a week of festivities ahead of the Fourth of July holiday, some Coast residents may associate this time more with stress than fun.

Many veterans experience post traumatic stress disorder triggered by traditional July 4th celebrations such as the sound and percussions of fireworks. Veteran and Crusaders for Veterans President Kevin Cuttill says the unexpectedness of loud noises can provoke veterans with PTSD.

Cuttill suggests getting in touch with neighbors, especially those that are vets, to warn them when you plan to set off fireworks. “Be considerate if you’ve got an old veteran or even the younger guys coming back. I mean people of all ages that have PTSD. Those booms bring back memories they don’t want to have. You may not see it, but they’re in a house a block away and you’re setting these things off one after another, okay, that could toss that person to PTSD. Now you’ll have him going off. Now he’s got family problems. Now the kids have to deal with it. You’re not doing anyone any services. So be considerate.”

Cuttill says Crusaders for Veterans is more than happy to come sit and talk with any veterans during this week of festivities if some triggers become too much to handle.

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