Veterans Show off Art Skills

They served our country and now they’re expressing themselves through their artistic abilities.
This morning, the VA in Biloxi hosted the local competition for the National Veterans Creative Arts Festival. The fair features 43 entries across the categories of fine arts, applied art, music, creative writing and drama.
Artists competing in the competition are with medical foster homes from Florida, Alabama and Mississippi. Local veteran artist Charlie Swan said, “The VA actually helped me. I had actually given up about a year and a half ago, not quite when my macular degeneration got worse I said ‘woo, I won’t be able to do this anymore.’ So, I came over here and they gave me equipment, they gave me advice, gave me instruction and gave me incentive to go on and paint and that’s what I’m doing.”
Winners of today’s local competition will move on to the national competition which is held in Jackson later this year.

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