Veterans Job Fair at the Coliseum

Many veterans, recent graduates, and job hopefuls tweaked their resumes and put on out their best suit for today’s job fair at the Coast Coliseum. The event was open and free to the public but specifically helps service men and women transition from the military to civilian life.
Allen Williams served in the United States Air Force for 25 years, primarily in intelligence operations. He attended this same job fair last year looking for employment. He eventually landed a job with one of the employers. This year he’s working on the other side of the table. “I had worked the room and was on my way out of the event and decided to stop and talk to the Tulane person that was here about a college program. They mentioned that they were looking for a recruiter position, I applied and got hired,” said Williams.
Many service men and women transitioning back into civilian life find it difficult to find jobs. This job fair allows veterans the opportunity to fill out applications and gives them the chance to do one-on-one interviews on the spot. “It’s not an easy process,” said Williams, “It’s about homework, doing the research, and then investing the time to come to events like this and talk to the different employers, find out what they’re looking for and find out what becomes the best fit for you.”
U.S. Navy veteran Kendall Husley said, “Some of them come back and it’s rough because transitioning from a military background and then going to civilian sector, trying to work with the public. They have to re-learn their skills.”
This is a transition Allen Williams has apparently mastered on the first year of this new job.

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