Veterans Day Program at Popp’s Ferry Elementary

Popp’s Ferry Elementary held their annual Veteran’s Day Program today.

With flags waving and voices singing patriotic songs, Popp’s Ferry Elementary honored veterans in a special way. They invited parents to join their Veterans Day Program and Hero Walk. Students and teachers lined the halls holding signs that said ‘thank you’ and ‘we love our veterans.’ Crystal James with Popp’s Ferry Elementary said, “We have Keesler housing that is in our district, in our zone, so we do have a lot of transient students that are here only for training. Sometimes they have to come and leave with their families. We try to recognize those students and make them feel welcomed at our school.”

James is a veteran and a military wife. She knows first-hand the impact this day can have on the students. “I’m just so blessed to be a veteran and to pass forward the love of this country to our children and the children in this school and to also be a military wife and to support him in what he went through. So, I’ve really had a lot of hats so I’m just very thankful.”

For parents like James and her husband who have served, patriotism is at the center of the family. Marine veteran Phillip James said, “Granted, I served my time and I enjoyed every moment of it, but I think a lot of times we forget that there is some 18-year-old kid in a fox-hole in Afghanistan. While we might not be honoring him every day, but that is something we try to bring to the forefront of our family of how important it is.”

Their daughter, Lyric, is learning and picking up on these values they have instilled in her. “It means a lot to the veterans and everyone who serves us.”

Popp’s Ferry hopes the rest of the students will join Lyric and walk away with a higher appreciation for those that serve our country. “As long as we open our eyes to how lucky we are to live in such a great country and to honor those who’ve given the ultimate sacrifice to include those who are serving or who have formerly served, I think it does well to make sure the next generation embraces how great of a country this is.”

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