Veterans Day Ceremony at Armed Forces Retirement Home

The Armed Forces Retirement Home opened doors to the public today for their annual Veterans Day ceremony.
An opportunity to show respect and appreciation for those who served our country, the Armed Forces Retirement Home hosted its annual Veterans Day ceremony, welcoming service men and women, both active and retired. This ceremony gives younger generations a taste of history while spreading some cheer on this patriotic holiday. Central Elementary School student Triston Stuckey said, “We made cards because we want to honor them and show them how much we care for them and how much we really honor them for how much they did for us.”
Supporter Kathy Lantz said, “You just stop and talk to them and greet them and listen to their stories and they have a lot of memories, good and bad, and they like to share it with you.”
The Gulf Coast is home to thousands of veterans. While many enjoy the praise and honor they receive, some reflect on how the attitude towards veterans changed throughout the years. U.S Army Retired Anthony Langdon said, “I served in Vietnam in 1966 and 67 with the 25th MP Company and when we returned from Vietnam people were out there demonstrating against us and calling us all kinds of names and now today, it’s a different situation, how people feel about us, the veterans, I’m happy to see this, how things have changed over the years.”
Kids revved military vehicles, helicopters landed, but the crowd was busying wishing the men and women a happy Veterans Day.

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