Veteran receives a helping hand in Biloxi

A Biloxi auto-shop and Geico teamed up this morning to help give a Vietnam veteran a helping hand. The ‘Recycled Rides’ program helps individuals in need get accessible vehicles to make everyday life a little bit easier.

While serving two terms in Vietnam, Sergeant Ken Rollins grew irritated with the geckos that surrounded his camp, making noises while he tried to sleep. Now, it appears better days are ahead for the two. “We made up, I like this lizard.”

Rollins, who suffers from peripheral neuropathy, makes it his goal to help others in similar situations. Rollins is president of the local Alabama chapter of the Vietnam veterans of America and even hosts his own television show for veterans. Rollins’ efforts to stand up for vets were noticed by Geico who decided to gift him a refurbished vehicle. “I’m very appreciative, but I was startled when I got the call, like, you’re kidding? That kind of thing.”

The ‘Recycled Rides’ program allows for Geico to take a vehicle that was totaled or seized from authorities and have it repaired to be donated. For Rollins’ donation, Geico partnered with Advance Collision in Biloxi. Manager Jerry Morton said, “As a company, we like to try to give back as much as we can. We’ve been blessed with what we have so it’s nice to give back to the people that deserve it.”

For Rollins, the Honda Accord will make life easier, allowing him to move on from his large, difficult to use van. “To get to the store, I gotta get in my big van and ride it there. This will be so much easier. I’m really looking forward to getting behind the wheel and going on a short trip or whatever.”

This will surely be a Fourth of July that Rollins will never forget.

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