Vernon Dahmer Memorial Exhibit

In 1966, the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan firebombed the Dahmer family’s home in the Kelly settlement a few miles north of Hattiesburg.
The story of Civil Rights leader Vernon Dahmer Sr. has a display exhibit set up at the Biloxi Library, put on by William Carey University graduate student James Skinner as part of his thesis project.
The display features pictures, biographies, and even an audio of oral history interview with Vernon Dahmer Jr.
Skinner tells News 25 he had the chance to sit down with Dahmer’s wife, Ellie, who wants people to exercise their right to vote. “His wife, 90-years-old, who is still very involved in our community, one of the first things she said to keep her husband’s legacy alive is for people to go out there and vote. Go out there and do their civic duty, at the very least go out there and cast a ballot,” said Skinner.
The display will be available at the library until March 31st.

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