Vehicle smashed into building on Community Road in Gulfport

On Wednesday afternoon, a two-car accident on Community Road in Gulfport resulted in one smashing through a building.

Five people were in the vehicle that crashed into the building and one was transported by AMR to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Gulfport fire and police were on scene, the vehicle was at least 25 feet inside the building. The building has no tenants and is owned by the Harrison County School District. Harrison County School District Assistant Director of Security and Compliance Shannon Nobles says luckily there were no major injuries. “Well, I came on scene and we were told one of our school district buildings was damaged. So, I came out here looking for a car with damage and all I saw was the building and we went inside the buildings and the car was inside the building. We were thankful that no one was majorly hurt, no major injuries, and property damage can be replaced.”

An investigation is underway for the exact cause of the accident.

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