Vehicle flipped on Highway 49

A single vehicle accident slowed traffic on Highway 49 this evening in Gulfport.

According to the driver, Joshua Vancleave, he says a Jeep in front of him hit their breaks and that’s when he hit his brakes which lead to his vehicle getting caught on gravel on the side of the road. He said that’s when the truck slid and flipped while in the southbound lane.

Vancleave tells News 25 the first thing that went through his mind when the wreck happened. “As soon as it happened, first thing in my head, take the seat belt off and get out. You don’t know what’s happening. It can be a gas leak. It can be anything. I mean, it is diesel, but still it’s the size, you don’t know what’s going on. Anything can happen, catch fire, or whatever.”

Vancleave walked away with no injuries.

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