‘Until Valhalla’ Ruck March for veteran suicide awareness

The second annual ‘Until Valhalla’ Ruck March took place Saturday morning to raise money and bring awareness to veteran suicide.

Each participant wore a ruck of at least 30 pounds all the way up to 53 pounds for the 22 kilometer, or 16.67 mile, march. The distance of the march represents the number of veterans who commit suicide daily.

The phrase ‘Until Valhalla’ is a sign of utmost respect used by soldiers since ancient times to tell their fallen that they will see them again.

Sadee Bernal came in first in the female category. In the male category, Billy Walden took home first place. Craig Davis topped the charts with the heaviest ruck for a male at 53 pounds while Lisa Travirca was the female with the heaviest ruck, carrying 40 pounds.

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