Valentine’s Night cruise aboard the Betsy Ann

Tonight, 150 passengers sailed off into the night from the most romantic city in America aboard the Betsy Ann Riverboat.
The Betsy Ann is the one and only paddle wheel boat on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Tonight, Captain Michael White welcomed guests for a night of jazz music, catered food, romance, and fun.
The Betsy Ann made its way to the Mississippi Gulf Coast from Florida about three weeks ago and Captain Michael White says he is excited for its growth. “You know, we are born and raised here, so it’s nice to be able to bring something to the Coast, where we live and not have to go somewhere else. We could have easily stayed in Florida with it, but this is where we live and we wanted to rebuild and to me this is rebuilding from Katrina.”
The Betsy Ann does several tours throughout the week, including a historical tour, a sunset cruise, and a dinner cruise. Captain White also says they are planning to expand their dates and times. For more information on booking go to

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