USM Professor Wrote Book for Students

When it comes to marine research, the work done by USM is some of the best in the country. Now, one professor is making sure the preparation for that great work starts early.
Dr. Scott Milroy with USM Gulf Park was tasked with helping the undergraduate marine program back in 2007. Milroy felt the best way for an aspiring marine biologist to build a foundation was practicing how to do experiments in the field, not in a lab. His book “Field Methods in Marine Science” shows students how to operate in the field and how to conduct an experiment when everything isn’t laid out for you like it would be in a lab. “It just takes an entirely different mindset of where to go, how to do things, what equipment you need, I mean everything you can think of. Students really, really like it and that’s the ultimate seal of approval. It’s not often that students say I really like this textbook but my students are giving me that kind of feedback. It’s doing the job, so I’m really happy about it,” said Dr. Milroy.
If you won’t be taking Dr. Milroy’s class, his textbook can be found on Amazon.

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