USM Head Coach Will Hall doubling down on taking responsibility after loss to South Alabama

When it comes to being a division I football coach, messing up on live TV, aka losing a game, means taking responsibility for an entire program and whether or not it is a simple fix, who knows?

Either way, Southern Miss first year Head Coach Will Hall is doubling down on being the fall guy for USM’s 24-point week one loss at South Alabama.

Now, does that loss fall entirely on his shoulders? Of course it doesn’t, but it makes him the bigger man for saying it does on Tuesday and Wednesday. “What a terrible head coach we’ve got. We’ve got a terrible head coach and that’s being addressed. We’ve got good kids. We’ve got a great football program and history. We’re a program that’s only won three out of our last 14 games. And we are building it back day by day. I’m proud of our kids and our character. I’m proud of our staff, but we were a dysfunctional organization and that falls on me only. I hope our guys are excited. I’m not excited. My life’s on the line. I feel like every day I wake up that since I’ve got here, I’ve let a lot of people down and we’ve got to overcome that and we’ve got to play better. Cause right now I’m probably the biggest fraud to come through this place in the last 50 years. So, we’ve got to play better and get this program going.”

Golden Eagles looking for better fortune when they kick things off against Grambling State at 6 p.m. Saturday from MM Roberts Stadium.

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