USM Gulf Park Gateway Nearing Completion

A scenic and much needed addition to the USM Gulf Park campus is nearing completion.
Last fall, the university began constructing the new gateway entrance to the school on Highway 90 with an addition of a westbound turn lane. The lane eased traffic turning on to the highway. That was only the first step in making the entrance not only work better but look better. Today, construction is almost done on the stone sign that will grace the main entrance, a sign that will leave no doubt to anyone trying to find the campus. USM Gulf Park Vice President Dr. Steve Miller said, “I wanted to have a new facelift to the new entrance to the beach. It’s such a beautiful beachfront campus and we want a great way point for people all across the Coast from guests and visitors to faculty and staff to come through this entrance and understand that they are at the University of Southern Mississippi.”
The gateway addition should be done by the end of April.
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