USM Gulf Park campus welcomes students back

Many students and parents gathered at the University of Southern Miss Gulf Park Campus in Long Beach to kick off the new school semester with fall orientation.

Masked up and excited, new students packed inside the Flemings Education Building and North Academic Building on the campus of USM Gulf Park to get acclimated with college life. Student Affairs Coordinator Jessica Langston said, “This is the first time we’ve had this many students on campus in a while. So, it’s been great to feel the energy and the excitement in the day. “

Fall orientation allows the students to get familiar with the campus, learn about the campus activities, get involved in new organizations, and meet new friends. “Our students are going to learn about how to get involved on campus and how to get connected to all of our resources. They will hear from all of the experts on campus, including the academic success center, career services, student affairs, and others.”

The orientation day was broken down into sections to help engage the new Golden Eagles. Students enjoyed playing ice breaker games, listening to panel discussions, and participating in group physical activities. Student leader and international student Ka’Lon Duncanson said, “One of the major things we are doing here are giveaways which is we do trivia questions where the student leaders ask questions and the incoming students will give us some answers and we give them a little prize.”

Duncanson tells News 25 that moving from the Bahamas to the Coast was an easy adjustment. “It was pretty smooth transitioning onto campus, it was like homey for me. The hospitality here on the Coast has been phenomenal. I sort of just fit in. I never felt out of place. Everybody was welcoming. I just wasn’t another number on campus.”

Duncanson says he decided to become a student leader to help others transition into college. “We value them and we want them here I also want them to know that if you are unsure ask questions. If you want to get involved, I’m big on community service. Just join as organization not to just to look good on paper, but it helps you grow as a person.”

Faculty, staff, and the new students say they are ready for the fall semester.

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