USM Gulf Park Active Learning Center

Professors at the USM Gulf Park campus are able to take teaching to the next level with the new active learning classroom.
Faculty and staff are encouraged to use the room as a way to get students more engaged in curriculum. The room features technology such as laptops and “ergotrons”, a system that links two Mac mini computers together. Traditional learning tools, such as dry-erase boards and posted notes, are also available for students to use.
All of the furniture in the room is on wheels, making it easy for teachers to rearrange the room to their preference.
Assistant Director for the USM Learning Enhancement Center Bonnie Cooper said, “More and more it’s moving toward that and away from the passive sitting and listening to a lecture. And we really, we read the literature, we really feel and have seen the difference in when students actually learn, engage with learning, and learn from each other. All that matters and it keeps them more interested in the class.”
The active learning classroom cost between 25 to 30 thousand dollars to create.

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