USM class of 2021 hydrographic science graduate ceremony

University of Southern Mississippi graduates its Masters of Science degree in hydrographic science 2021 class.

The one-year rigorous degree program graduated its first class in July 2000. The 2021 class represents the successful completion of degree requirements by 233 students, including 55 international students from 33 different countries.

The program has matured into a world class educational program in North America.

The degree offers two categories, category A recognizes the hydrographic surveyors established by various national aid and international organizations.

Category B recognizes work that will help build more sustainable oceans, rivers, and lakes for the common good of mankind. Graduate Chandler Malley said, “Not a lot of people know what hydrographers do every day, but it is in fact very important here on the Coast, especially for the blue economy in the near future and it’s also important all over the world. I’ve come to really enjoy it and I look forward to using this knowledge and to give back to my community and the whole country.”

The graduation ceremony also gave special recognition to retiring Professor Dave Wells and his contribution to the hydrographic science program.

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