USA Women’s Team Inspires Local Gymnasts

The 2016 Summer Olympics bring not only excitement, but inspiration to local gymnastic academies. News 25’s Kendra Turley caught up with gymnasts at Lanier’s School of Gymnastics in Gulfport where they are in the process of training potential Olympic gold medalists of the future.
The USA women gymnastics team exceeded expectations in Rio by bring home the gold and making history as back-to-back champions. The 2016 Olympic team win inspired gymnasts along the Coast who hope to one day compete at the same level. Gymnast Lucy Kaigler said, “They’re so powerful and make me smile every time I see what they do different.”
Coaches at Lanier’s School of Gymnastics in Gulfport say Team USA’s success encouraged their athletes to train with a gold medal mindset. Coach Amanda Zeigler said, “It’s pretty awesome for the young kids to be able to see those girls do that and where those girls came from and just let that be an inspiration for them to work a little harder.”
For football players, the ultimate goal is getting drafted to the NFL. For baseball, it’s making it to the big leagues. For gymnasts, competing in the Olympics holds a special place from the very start of training.
While many gymnasts start training with the Olympic goal in mind, local coaches tell News 25, even if you don’t make it to that level, the mental and physical aspects of gymnastics can still prepare you for all walks of life.
With newcomers like Simone Biles leading the way and returners like Gabby Douglas still going strong in the race for gold, the USA Olympic team provides an impressive force for gymnasts across the country to look up to. Gymnast Anna Grace Deakle said, “It is kind of weird to think that they were, at one point, where we are right now and knowing that we can be in their shoes one day.”
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