Update on Saenger Theatre in Biloxi

Great news coming out of the City of Biloxi regarding the historic Saenger Theatre.

The City of Biloxi is one step closer to restoring and renovating the theatre as construction continues with the fly tower, roof, and the H-VAC.

Recently, there’s been a change order regarding some of the structural beams and other issues.

However, this shouldn’t delay the ideal completion date set for some time later this year.

The city approved an estimated $2 million to work on the exterior of the building.

Now, it’s all about being patient and waiting to receive the funds from the state in order to proceed with renovations. Cecilia Dobbs Walton with the City of Biloxi said, “The City of Biloxi is still looking forward to the funds from the state department which will help to repoint the bricks on the exterior which will kinda seal the bricks to help with the interior. Whatever money they have leftover from that, they are going to start with the interior. As of the opening date, the City of Biloxi is not sure. It depends on where the work is on the outside.”

Hurricane Zeta caused some damage to the roof of the theatre. However, this shouldn’t be anything significant that would delay construction going forward.

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