Update on Smoke in Jackson County

Some Jackson County areas are still affected by Tuesday’s wildfire, with smoke lingering in the air.
St. Martin and Ocean Springs residents should not fear, officials say there is no danger in breathing in the smoke. Officials say the dry conditions and the humidity add to the continued aftermath of the woods fire.
Northwest Jackson County Fire Department Assistant Chief Frank Duke said, “The smoke will be in the immediate area for probably a few days. It was about 40 or 50 acres that were burned, so that amount of smoke coupled with the relatively low wind that we’ve had, it’s not really pushing it out of the way. At night time and during the day, you’ll see where the smoke sort of lays down in the area so it sort of looks like a blanket of fog. The smoke will be here until either the wind picks up or it just dissipates.”
Officials expect the smoke to clear the Jackson County area within the next few days.

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