Update on Omicron: Importance of getting tested and getting booster shots

As the omicron variant continues to spread rapidly, health professionals say getting the booster shot is more important than ever.

Last Tuesday, Americans were able to start placing orders for their free COVID tests promised by the Biden Administration. Every household, based on residential address, is limited to four tests.

The White House reported last week it capped the number of tests people can order to ensure broad access to the program.

Along with COVID tests, 400 million high-quality, non-surgical N-95 masks are set to be distributed as well. Infection Control and Prevention Medical Director Dr. Katherine Baumgarten said, “So, people need to wear the masks that are provided, use the tests that are provided. Any way to try to prevent the spread to others with COVID. It’s all about mitigation efforts. So, we want to be sure that all of us are doing the things that we can to prevent spread. So, that means separating, vaccinating, getting your booster if you haven’t, getting your kids vaccinated if you haven’t.”

Individuals will be limited to three masks per person to ensure broad access.

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