Update on MGM Park Construction

Will Biloxi baseball fans have a place to park their cars and trucks when the Shuckers stadium opens next month?
Construction is still ongoing and tickets are selling fast as we move closer to Opening Day at MGM Park. Opening Day is still set for June 6th, but city officials say it’s not likely.
“June 6th is apparently out as the opening game because there’s just questions about whether or not it can be finished then and when you do that, you’re going to be adding costs to the project because the contractor is going to have to stop work for baseball games, and then he’s going to have to start work again,” said Biloxi Public Affairs Manager, Vincent Creel.
Construction for the parking garage continues, but the 350 space structure will primarily be for Beau Rivage employees, so where are park guests supposed to park?
“Since day one the organizers of this have said that they could park throughout downtown. There’s the Beau Rivage parking garage south of the highway, they’ve also mentioned the Hard Rock parking garage, and the surface parking that we have throughout downtown Biloxi,” Creel said.
Talks of an overhead walkway that would connect the stadium garage to the Beau Rivage are still in the works. The $2 million project will be funded completely with public money, but no start date has been set for its construction.
With no overhead walkway in place thousands of fans will have to walk across Hwy 90 to the baseball stadium.

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