Update on Beached Whales

News 25 has an update on the whales that were rescued in Waveland last week.
The whales suffered from severe shark bites and the youngest one received the worst of the injuries. Their shark bites have healed well since last week and they hope they continue to recover.
Director of the Institute for Marine Mammals Studies Dr. Moby Solangi said the whales are working together to gain their strength back. Last week, the whales were not able to swim without assistance but today they are swimming on their own. “One of the younger ones is more badly injured. However both of them are working together. It’s amazing. This is the first time I’ve known in the world that two of them come at the same time, so it is a remarkable experience to learn about how they work with each other, how they respond to injuries. We are learning quite a bit,” said Dr. Solangi.
The institute is taking the opportunity to learn all they can about the whales.

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