Update on massive woods fires throughout the Coast

The Coast has seen several massive woods fires all in the last few weeks, including one in Hancock County and two in Harrison County.

This week’s Hancock County woods fire and the Harrison County woods fire are both currently under control.

In Harrison County, crews are still monitoring hot spots and smoke. Officials say some trees and logs may continue to smolder for several days.

Harrison County Fire Marshal Pat Sullivan says he’s concerned that a new fire could ignite due to the wind and low humidity in the area. “What the unusual part of what we are seeing now is the intensity of it, the fires that we have had are more in line with the fires that you see out west, where they have the strong winds and the low humidity combined to make for some very large fires. So yes we are seeing more of those that we are not normally used to on the Coast, the dryness, the drought conditions I think are part of the reasons. It may have just been generally the atmospheric conditions have changed where other places have has the problem and now we are just seeing it, I don’t know.”

The recent woods fire in Harrison County is currently being investigated. The fire did not start from a weather related incident or from someone burning on their property.

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