Update on Gulfport and Utility Authority dispute

If the City of Gulfport is successful in their mission to pull out of the new waste services contact in Harrison County, prices will rise for residents.
That’s according to Harrison County Utility Authority officials who are attempting to go out for a public hearing concerning their dispute with the city. Before the City of Gulfport can successfully break their contract with the county’s waste services, official provisions must be met.
Utility Authority officials tell News 25 with Gulfport out of the six year contract, it will cost homeowners around two million dollars extra. Harrison County Utility Authority Executive Director Donald Scharr said, “We obviously want everybody to get good solid waste services and we certainly are working hard to come to a good understanding between Gulfport and the authority and we want everything to be as smooth as we can make it.”
Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes expressed his reasons for the city’s dissatisfaction over the new contract in a letter sent yesterday to the authority. The new waste services contract with Pelican and Team Waste starts October 1st.

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