Update on debris removal in the City of Biloxi

The City of Biloxi continues with clean up efforts regarding debris caused by Hurricane Zeta.

So far, the city has removed 120 cubic yards of an estimated 200 cubic yards of debris. They’re on track to have the first sweep up of debris completed this month.

The Woolmarket area seems to be one of the more challenging areas at this time.

The city is asking residents to bear with them as this process continues and look forward to Biloxi looking normal again in the near future. Vincent Creel with the City of Biloxi said, “What we are asking everybody is to please be patient. The big question we get is when are they going to get to my house? They are going to get to your house just as quickly as they can. We are on track for the mid December, have the first paths done in the entire city.”

Be sure to move any debris you may have to the front of your house and do not put it in a bag.

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