Update for Caillavet Street drivers

Caillavet Street is now open to pedestrians, but motorists driving in Biloxi will have to wait just a little bit longer.
The highly-traveled street was set to re-open today, but because of recent weather conditions road work had to be postponed. Oscar Renda Contractors are installing an 18 inch sewer line and a water main at the intersection of Caillavet and Division.
City officials advise motorists who regularly travel on Caillavet Street to continue to use the Reynoir Street detour route. Vincent Creel with the City of Biloxi Public Affairs said, “They have to go down 20 feet to install the sewer lines. There’s a lot of work right there at that corner, but one thing we’re sensitive to is Quality Seafood on that corner. Easter is the biggest day of the year so we know business is going to be ramping up in that area. We’re hoping the contractor can hurry up and get out of there.”
City officials say they’re hoping to see Caillavet Street open for traffic Wednesday.

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