Update On Amtrak On The Gulf Coast

Southern Rail Commissioners say we are closer than ever before to restoring an Amtrak passenger service through the gulf coast.
It’s been a little over a year since Amtrak did a trial run on the tracks from New Orleans to Jacksonville.
Amtrack officials say a report of what exactly it will take to make the service a reality should be ready for congress by Memorial Day and that a funding mechanism is already in place.
An Amtrack spokesman tells News 25 if everything falls into place, daily Amtrak service will be available all along the gulf coast.

“We’ve had people all the way across this, both regular citizens and public officials, saying we want to give another mobility choice to the gulf coast. Not having to drive all the way to New Orleans to get to an Amtrak train, not having to drive all the way to Jacksonville to go North and South or up to Hattiesburg. People want service in their backyards.”
– Mark Magliari Amtrak Spokesman

Right now, there is no official timeline for how soon Amtrak service on the coast will be restored, but Amtrak officials tell News 25 sometime in 2019 is looking likely.

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