United Way of South Mississippi holds 8th annual Gulf Coast Dragon Boat Festival

Many teams gathered at Gulfport Lake to begin practicing for the Gulf Coast Dragon Boat Festival.

Since 2016, some of the Coast’s largest companies, organizations and nonprofits have come together to support the United Way of South Mississippi by supporting the Gulf Coast Dragon Boat Festival.

It’s a unique fundraising event raising money for education, health, and financial stability while engaging in a little friendly competition for bragging rights of the funds raised, 99 percent will stay in United Way of South Mississippi’s impact area as it strives to improve lives for all families in South Mississippi. United Way of South Mississippi CEO Kathy Springer said, “It’s unique because it’s just so different and it’s almost a team building event for the different folks that sponsor the dragon boats and get out there and have fun. It’s team building. It’s for bragging rights. Team Sparklight is the reigning champion, so that’s the one everybody’s after this year.”

The dragon boat competition will begin Saturday at 9 a.m. at the Dock Bar and Grill.

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