U.S. Supreme Court denies appeal, clears way for Singing River pension plan class action settlement

Today the United States Supreme Court denied an appeal by Objectors to the Singing River Pension Plan Class Action Settlement. The ruling paves the way for $156,000,000 to begin being paid into the plan.

“This is a great day for the pension members”, says Lead Attorney Jim Reeves.  “Frivolous appeals have delayed funding for years and cost the plan millions, that should be all over with this ruling.”

According to Reeves, the resolution will provide much needed funding to the struggling pension plan.  Reeves stated he and other attorneys for pension members will now focus on other corporate wrongdoers who also helped cause the pension’s members catastrophic losses.  Reeves stated, “The Plan by this settlement has been made whole.  We will now push to make the pension members whole as well.”

Further information contact Jim Reeves:  228-209-5161 or 228-546-9190

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