U.S. Senator Roger Wicker expresses concern on proposed voting legislation

U.S. Senator Roger Wicker is speaking out against proposed legislation he says would make it easier for people to cheat at elections.

On Wednesday, Wicker spoke at a press conference, highlighting what he calls problems with the Senate Democrat’s “The for the People Act.”

In his remarks, Senator Wicker cited provisions of the legislation that he says would prevent states from implementing voter ID legislation and also pointed to recent polling of 1,200 Americans, data that he says shows there is widespread opposition to many provisions in the legislation. “Universal mail-in voting-that might be good for some states, but 71 percent of Americans are concerned about that, and only 26 percent are not. Remote ballot drop boxes, 74 percent of Americans are concerned about that.”

Senator Wicker also criticized the mainstream news media’s coverage of ‘The for the People Act,’ saying the legislation and all its provisions are not being fully covered.

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