U.S. Senate candidate Tobey Bartee meets in Pascagoula

U.S. Senate candidate Tobey Bartee hosted a meet and greet at the public library in Pascagoula to address the upcoming election with voters.

Bartee tells News 25 he starts every meet and greet by asking the public two questions. What’s important to them as an individual and how optimistic are they about accomplishing change.

Bartee explains his slogan “one people, one focus, one Mississippi” as a vision for the state and a mindset he must have to keep the community engaged.

Bartee tells News 25 one of his strengths is keeping an open mind and critical eye when discussing issues. “Part of that is the background that I have. Serving as an intelligence officer, one of your primary responsibilities is to get at the truth. It is to put everything aside and look purely at the facts. Remove all bias. Then, once you have those facts identified, you can identify what the course of action will be.”

His goal is to conduct productive exchanges with the community about issues of importance to the state and country.

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