Two Teens, Brother & Sister, Killed in D’Iberville Car Crash

It’s a nightmare that we wish we could wake up from. A brother and sister were killed Friday morning driving to school, making for a devastating day in D’Iberville.

The crash claimed the lives of 14 year old, Jimmy Ward, and his older sister, 16 year old, Amanda Ward. The rain Friday matched the mood in D’Iberville as the community grieves the loss of two students. The brother and sister were killed when their 4 door sedan was t-boned by an F-150 pick-up truck. Gary Hargrove, Harrison County Coroner, says, “Both teenagers were pronounced on the scene by EMS personnel and both died from blunt force trauma from the accident.”

James Ward Jr., 14, was in his freshman year at D’Iberville High, where he was active in baseball, soccer, and swimming. His older sister, 16 year old, Amanda Ward, was also an athlete. She played softball and basketball. They were both the children of Gulfport firefighter, Jimmy Ward Sr., who received the devastating news of their deaths while at home. Mike Beyerstedt, Gulfport Fire Chief, says, “And so I went out there, we went to Jimmy’s house and let him know what had happened this morning. We deal with situation like this on a routine basis, you know injuries, death, and accidents, but when it’s one of your own, it’s quite different.”

The collision occurred at the corner of Big John Road and Highway 67. It’s an intersection parents have seen trouble in before. David Spires, a D’Iberville resident and parent, says, “Every morning there’s always heavy traffic in there, people trying to get back and forth across the street. I’ve seen three, four, sometimes five cars trying to get in that little spot in the middle, either trying to go south on 67 or people trying to get into the school and it’s just a big nightmare.”

That traffic nightmare ended two young lives that had so much more to give. Now parents and the community search for comfort as they try to make sense of the tragedy that struck so unexpectedly. Thursday night at exactly 8:11 p.m., Jimmy Ward posted the tweet, "If I die, I’m a legend." Now many D’Iberville students are re-tweeting the message.

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