Two shootings in Bay St. Louis

Two shootings less than a mile away and an hour apart from each other were reported last night in Bay St. Louis.

“I don’t expect to have bullets flying in my backyard now that I’m home, it’s sickening.” Erin Page, a war vet whose home sits behind the Martin Luther King Park where the first shooting took place, describes the moments after the shots were fired. “Cars are flying, you know, backing up, people are trying to get away from the park and we went inside.”

Two males were shot at the park on Washington Street in Bay St. Louis at about 7:25 p.m. According to the Bay St. Louis Police Department, one of the victims was in critical condition. The second suffered a nonlife threatening gunshot wound. Resident Monica Price said “It got to be madness. They retaliate for a little bit of things, I can talk about your baby or I can talk about your momma and you want to shoot me over that?”

Price lives next door to the location of the second shooting. Just about 40 minutes after the first shooting took place at the park, a house on the 200 block of Watts Street was shot up with a family inside. “I reacted and I hit the floor and the next thing it was boom, boom, boom, it was rapid.”

Bay St. Louis reports there were no injuries in connection to the second shooting and that it is not clear if the two incidents were related, but Price tells News 25 otherwise. She says one of the men shot at the first location is connected to her neighbor’s home. “He used to live there in that house, DQ did.”

The shootings that took place .3 miles away from each other have now left some in the community searching for change. “If we don’t start giving these kids something to do besides running the streets and dealing these drugs then we are going to have this in this neighborhood and every other neighborhood around here. It’s going to spread and it’s not going to be good.”

Bay St. Louis police are currently seeking Armon Crawford for questioning in relation to last night’s shooting on Washington Street. Anybody with information regarding the whereabouts of Crawford should contact the Bay St. Louis Police Department at 228-467-9222.

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