Recreation and tourism tax passes in Moss Point; what’s next

With Moss Point’s two percent recreation and tourism tax officially passed, the city now begins to turn plans into action.

News 25 spoke with Mayor Billy Knight who tells us the first priority for the city with the new money will be to revitalize and rebuild Bellview Park.

He is focusing on rebuilding worn down ball parks for the children to play in as well as more walking paths for exercise.

Mayor Knight also plans to build a new recreational center near the park that he hopes to complete within the next few years.

Once he feels satisfied with the Bellview Park remodel, he plans on moving towards beautifying the parks on Gautier Street and Fredrick Street. Mayor Knight said, “I’m elated about it because what that tells me is that the public are validating my vision. They’re saying to the mayor that we agree with what you say you want to take us, and we are going to give you the means to get there. That’s what it does to me. That the people agree with where I say I want to take the city in the recreation program.”

Mayor Knight is set to meet with an architect for modeling plans for the parks next week.

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