Two Ocean Springs city officials sworn into office by oath

The City of Ocean Springs passes the torch of municipal judge and prosecutor.

The City of Ocean Springs swore in not one, but two municipal court positions. Newly elected Circuit Court Judge Calvin Taylor passes the torch and swears in Monte Tynes as Ocean Springs Municipal Court Judge.

Judge Tynes served as the prosecutor for Ocean Springs for ten years before getting nominated for the position by the board of aldermen. “I am thankful to the board and the mayor of Ocean Springs. I’m excited about the new position that I get to work for the citizens of Ocean Springs.”

Taking his place is Tyler Cox, who previously served as prosecutor pro tem for Ocean Springs, Jackson County, and Moss Point. “We want to make sure that Ocean Springs is safe and that’s my job is to make sure that people that are guilty of crimes are held accountable.”

From one man stepping into the role of the other, they share some career advice. “Make sure you feel like what you’re doing is the correct path, that you’re upholding the laws of the state of Mississippi and the ordinance of Ocean Springs.”

“He knows the ropes. He knows what to do as prosecutor and my role is to follow in his footsteps. He set a fantastic example and I want to make sure that I do what he did in keeping Ocean Springs safe.”

Tynes and Cox were joined by their families as they entered into their new roles. “I’ve wanted this position for a long time and I’m happy to have the opportunity to fill it and do a good job for the city.”

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