Twisted Anchor Tattoo Shop to Open

It has been a long and hard process for the Twisted Anchor but they have finally received an ordinance to open up in downtown Ocean Springs. But, they have hit a few problems with construction. News 25’s Shelby Graham met up with the local artist to hear how the process is coming.
It’s been a long and grueling process with a lot of paperwork but things are finally starting to move in the right direction for the Twisted Anchor Tattoo Shop. The only obstacle left is getting a permit. “Right now, it’s going on about 10 months process of getting into the building with permits and the city ordinance and all that good stuff,” said tattoo artist Matt Stebly.
Before construction could begin, the current residents had to be vacated because termites were eating away at the walls. This caused everything but the concrete slab to be torn down. This caused a few problems for the Twisted Anchor because the city cannot give them their permit until construction is complete. “Now this particular shop is just trying to get renovations and their construction done so we can officially give them the permit,” said Planning and Grants Administrator Carolyn Martin.
It’s taken ten months but the Twisted Anchor has finally begun construction on its new location in downtown Ocean Springs. They say it will not be just a tattoo parlor but also a place for local artists to display their artwork.
The public isn’t thrilled about the idea of having a tattoo shop in downtown Ocean Springs but Matt Stebly is hopeful that it will add to the art already there and it would be a fun experience for those getting tattoos. “It’s an experience where you want to feel comfortable. It’s just an overall thing. I think the downtown area was gonna be the best place for it and you know, we fought for it and it took a while but we’re almost there,” said Stebly.
Construction is set to finish up in December, almost a year since the whole process began. The Twisted Anchor is currently located right off I-10 on Government Street.

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