Twenty-one Mississippi children gain forever homes in Jackson County

Families are all unique, but created out of love, and today more than ten families welcomed a new member or members into their forever home.

The courtroom was standing room only, as family, friends, and love filled the room and overflowed into the hallways.

The children adopted today came through the Child Protection Services Agency, making their adoptions a means of survival and victory as they get a fresh start in a new home.

Mississippi families were made whole, as Adoption Day wrapped up for 21 children and 14 families. Jackson County resident Micah Wiggins said, “These kids are such a blessing to us. I can’t imagine my life without the three kids that we have adopted now and I wouldn’t want it any different.”

Micah and Heather Wiggins walked into the Jackson County Circuit Court ready to sign the final paperwork for their one-year-old son Truitt. “We’ve had Truitt for the past year. He was ten-days-old when we got him and it’s been a year long journey to get here, but it’s been good, exciting. We enjoyed it.”

Truitt isn’t the first child the Wiggins have adopted, he’s their third. “Five years ago, we decided to start fostering and really it was a decision for us. We were at a place in our lives where the Lord wanted us to do some ministry work and we didn’t know what it was. He opened the door for us to start fostering and he hasn’t closed the door yet.”

Child Protection Services Commissioner Andrea Sanders tells News 25 the trauma some of these children have been through. “The children we’re celebrating today have come through the Child Protection Services agency, which means that at some point, they’ve either been in a situation that caused them trauma in their lives. So, this is particularly joyful today. Some of them have had a long path and this is what we all work for.”

Families, children, and court officials finally get to close these cases, giving children a new start.

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